My Paris Jewellery Shopping Guide

Paris shopping guide

At last, I’ve finally updated my list of shopping addresses in Paris and, included plenty of new additions to my list!

My Paris Jewellery shopping guide will soon expand; rendezvous soon to discover my jewellery spots in Marseilles.

Some Parisian boutiques are well known, others less so, but I will only give you the names of jewellery shops where go knowing I will always find some jewellery I love, as well as creators of cute boutiques, who always love to chat for a bit if you come on behalf of the Précieuses. I won’t insult you by giving you a list of the brands of the Place Vendome, you don’t need me to check them out for you.

Here’s my ranking by district, and please, if I haven’t mentioned your favourite jewellery shop, do tell me! I’ll be delighted to go and explore it.

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My Marseille Jewellery Shopping Guide

My Jewellery Shopping guide takes to the road, with my first stopover in Marseilles.

Why Marseille?

I could tell you it’s simply because it is the second biggest city of France, but the real reason is simply that I looove Marseille!

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